Thursday, September 13, 2007

i'm really into getting over myself

And it’s a good thing because yesterday I got an opportunity to do so. I have run out of clean pants and wore a pair of jeans that I can only wear with heels. (I actually had to have them hemmed so they were short enough to wear with heels.) So I wore my black boots. Just one problem, it’s a 45 minute walk into town. Up hill a good part of the way. I made it to the office with a manageable level of pain. Took the boots off while we were there. Then, on the way home, once we got past the town center it was too much. I had to take them off. So there I was, walking home in red striped socks, with my jeans rolled up so they wouldn’t drag on the concrete. It was pretty humiliating. You could tell by the expressions on everyone’s faces that they were trying not to laugh until they got past us. It was pretty hilarious!

On a more triumphant note, I made dinner on Tuesday with Frances and successfully cooked an entire meal without a recipe. Yeah! I really can cook!

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