Saturday, January 5, 2008

a fresh, new start

Coming home is always such a wonderful feeling. I had a lovely time in Scotland with Kirstin and her family. Kirstin was/is still recovering from an ugly episode with some mussels so it wasn't a very activity packed holiday. Most days were spent pottering about the house, reading, watching tv, cooking, and eating. We still managed to have quite a bit of fun! Coming home was an exercise in patience. Riding on a bus for 12 hours is bad enough at night, positive torture during the day. But it's over now and all is well. All of the old things are washed and put in their proper places and all of the new things are making my room look very cheery and warm. I've caught up on emails, facebook comments, and myspace messages. I have a day to get ready for the new term tomorrow and then Monday whooshes us away for a retreat to kick of the second term of Transit, Kind to Others.

In this new season I've decided my focus will be paying attention. Being attentive to God, others, myself, the world around me. Just generally being aware. I have such a tendency to retreat inwardly and create these beautiful worlds of pure fancy; this year I want to live in the present, hopefully to bring some of those dreams into reality. Lord, please help me.

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