Monday, April 20, 2009

job hunt

I've been waiting a while to get my CV (resume) back from the dear lady who has been making it for me. The waiting paid off this weekend with a CV and basic cover letter much more strongly built than I could have ever hoped to make myself.

So now, I am ready to begin looking for a job in Ireland. I am SO excited and a bit nervous about this. When something that has been a dream or a hope for so long suddenly becomes a reality it takes a bit of getting used to. At least for me. I remember how I felt when I was accepted to Transit. This is a very similar feeling, on a smaller scale. (I still have to find that job after all!)

If you know of any churches or ministries in/around Dublin or Belfast or anywhere else in Ireland who are looking for someone to fill a position involving outreach to small children (and their families) let me know!


rosie said...

First of all: I loved those shoes!
Second: I hope you enjoy one of my favorite books! hehe A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! So glad you're reading it
Third: I'll be praying for you and the job hunt!

Rebekah said...

First of all: I loved those shoes too! (obviously!) I actually haven't gotten rid of them all the way yet. They've just been put out of the closet to make room for the new ones.
Second: I am enjoying A Tree Grows very much! And you are the reason I'm reading it!!!
Third: Thank you!