Monday, June 15, 2009

incidently this is my 200th post

So, I just finished packing up for my eventual move to Ireland. I'm heading to Florida to work for six weeks and I plan to move to Ireland at the end of the summer. I wanted to get the packing done before I head south so that I can enjoy the month of August and focus on spending time with people here. (And not go into panic if the last minute preparations take more time than expected, which they always seem to do.) I say the packing is for my eventual move, because I will not be taking all of these boxes when I go initially. Once I'm good and settled I will send for them. (And once I have enough money to pay for an international shipping company!) I labeled each box with a theme which gives the general idea of it's contents. Here's what the packing list looks like:

Hampers #1 and 2 ~ Both holding linens
Red Trunk ~ holding blankets and quilts
Black Trunk ~ childhood memorabilia
Drawing Board
Table Easel ~ holding oil painting supplies (even though it's been about 10 years since I painted.)
Poster Tube ~ holding my map of Europe and a family portrait in color pencil I began years ago and have yet to finish
Boxes #1 and 2 ~ both labeled Kitchen, both also contain a good amount of cookbooks
Box #3 ~ Fabric Crafts (holding, among other things, fabric remnants of dresses my Grandma made us when we were little)
Box #4 ~ Decor
Box #5 ~ Christmas
Box #6 ~ Memorabilia (mostly picture albums)
Boxes #7 and 8 ~ Books
Box #9 ~ Pottery Tools
Box #10 Books
Box #11 ~ Arts and Crafts
Box #12 ~ Books (this box holds only books about Ireland)
Box #13 ~ Books
Box #14 ~ Music (holds both my sheet music and the last few random books and things that didn't fit in any other boxes.)

(As those of you who know me can imagine, the real packing list is extremely detailed listing every item in every box, pretty much.)

So, with 14 boxes, 2 trunks, and 2 hampers, plus one more box of DVDs to be packed at the end of the summer (in consideration of my brother), I have a total of 19 boxes. (Not counting the loose, big art supplies.) My goal was to have no more than 20 boxes! So I still have one emergency box if I find that I have more things than expected at the end of the summer. (Which will most likely happen.) Considering that I started all of this with 11 boxes of books alone I think I did amazingly well! I feel very proud and totally and completely exhausted.

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rosie said...

I am very proud of you too! that is exciting! Way to go, you!