Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i did mention that i'm l-o-v-ing knitting right?

Yesterday in the mail I received two happy packages. One was an ebay purchase and contained a NeedleMaster and a CrochetMaster purchased at a fraction of the cost even on Amazon.
The second was an etsy purchase and contained a lovely case for the knitting needles made by Claire at needlebook. I couldn't have gotten this without the other, but it made the other so much more satisfying! (And it was way prettier.)

And it had pretty extras...

See the ugly, pretend leather case it came in...
Ah, that's better!

Now I just need something pretty for the crochet hooks... but I guess that can wait until I learn how to crochet. It was only a few dollars more to get a lot of both than to just get the knitting set. And I figured a whole set of hooks was the perfect inspiration to take that up at some point as well!

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rosie said...

Ahh! I LOVE this! I didn't see it earlier! Lovely!