Wednesday, November 17, 2010

rainy day

This was a very rainy day. A very rainy and blustery day. The blustery rain woke me up about 3:00am and kept me awake until about 4:30am. That was not very happy. Fortunately I didn't have to be at college until 12:30 so I could sleep in a bit.

The day got better from there. I got a good amount of work done at school. Just as I was leaving school I had a text that the boots I ordered had come into the shop. That meant I could pick them up on my way to my Wednesday afternoon knitting group. Not to mention they fit and they are lovely and they were on sale!!!

Knitting group was good, very interesting conversations going on. I'm trying my hand at my first pair of socks which required a bit of concentration so there was a bit more listening than talking on my part.

I just discovered that a singer/songwriter type I really enjoy has a Christmas album. It's been out for two years so I'm not sure how I missed it. But I got it this morning and have been listening to it ever since. Lovely. It's Christmas Songs by Fernando Ortega. I'm loving his versions of Joy to the World and O Little Town of Bethlehem, two of my favourite Christmas songs.

Then, once I finally made it home in the dark and cold and rain I won an auction on ebay for a much needed extension adapter for my computer. £9 including shipping for something that would have cost about £30 directly from apple. And I got nectar points for it!

I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy. I've got part of an assignment 700 words and a full assignment 3,500 words due. Plus, Thanksgiving is next week and I'm having a large group of friends over for dinner to celebrate on the Friday. Speaking of which, my lovely course coordinator while conducting an informal interview on Tuesday was checking in with how I'm doing and said she wanted to do something to help me feel at home for Thanksgiving. So she has offered to make a dessert for my dinner! How lovely is that???

I'll be off at placement tomorrow. Here's hoping the wind and rain don't keep me up tonight so I have plenty of energy for the "little dears."

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