Monday, January 31, 2011

my week

Monday: Woke up feeling poorly. Wrote up a language observation. Went to class. Made cream of broccoli soup.
Tuesday: College. Lunch at Bright's with girls from college. Answered lots of questions about America and shocked them with the realisation that I am "almost 30!" Class dismissed early. Locked out of house. Afternoon spent in coffee shop. Book group to discuss The Pickwick Papers.
Wednesday: Did Laundry. Used Microsoft Access for the first time in IT. Made play dough. Class dismissed early. Knitting group.
Thursday: Out on placement. Built lots of spaceships and had a picnic in the house corner. Knitting and audio book in the evening.
Friday: Out on placement. Trip to W5. Was a shop keeper in Tesco for much of the trip. Knitting and audio book in the evening. Still feeling poorly.
Saturday: Interview at McDonald's. Ran errands. Went to market. Knitting and audio book. Watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
Sunday: Feeling a bit better. Church. Lunch with friends visiting from England. Prayer group. Church.

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