Thursday, July 14, 2011

knit and natter

Better late than never with this week's yarn along post!

I had a crazy week last week. I went from maybe getting about eight hours at McDonald's to starting two new jobs and getting 45 hours. Quite a change! On top of that I was manning the prayer room at Summer Madness, a Christian youth festival, over night on Monday and had my first night out with Street Pastors on Friday. I think I'm still catching up on sleep!

So, all that to say I'm still working on the bunny. She is almost finished. Since this photo was taken I finished off the second leg so I just have ears and assembling to go. Baby Elloise's due date is getting closer so I'm hoping to get bunny in the mail this weekend.

I'm reading Developing Learning in Early Childhood by Tina Bruce which is obviously for school. The coming year of our course is apparently very demanding and we were advised to do research work over the summer to help lighten the load a bit. Advice taken!

I had a funny moment while eating Mexican with some friends on Tuesday where I was pulling out things about egocentrism and other technical jargon from what I've been reading... I guess it's really getting in there!

That's all, not much nattering this week. I will have a post in the next few days about the 12th of July celebrations here in Belfast. This was my first year here for them and my observations were very educational.

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Charis's Mum said...

I'd love to read about the July 12th celebrations in Belfast. My mum is from Londonderry, and I have been over to Northern Ireland 11 times, ranging from 2 weeks-3 1/2 months. My Grandad is still living and my husband, daughter, and I went over at Christmas so he could meet his first great grandchild. My next project is going to be a rabbit for my daughter's first birthday. Hope your knitting comes along nicely.

Rebekah said...

It was a very interesting experience and good fun as well! Took tons of pictures and videos. : )