Saturday, August 4, 2007

the sound of music

I just bought the most beautiful Violin. An Eastman Fiddle to be precise. She is so lovely. A beautiful, rich tone to her voice, simply beautiful. I have never played a violin like this. I don't feel worthy... yet. But I do feel inspired. She makes me sound better. My playing level hasn't increased, but she is so wonderful that it sounds like it has.

I'm learning a lot about not giving up. I've been renting a violin for 2 years and have played it less than 50 times. I just sound so horrible I can hardly stand to listen to myself. And with this move to London I was just going to give it up. Put the violin on the shelf and forget about it. But I have wanted to play the violin since I was four years old. This is my truest life-long dream. It began before any other. And I can not turn my back on that. I will not turn my back on that.

So, with patience and perseverance I am going to become a violinist. (Or a fiddler, who knows!)

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Lacy said...

Gorgous! I wanna have a pull;)