Sunday, August 19, 2007

two weeks left

Today marks two weeks until I leave. Saying good-bye to Charlotte is proving more difficult than I expected. Yesterday I was at the pottery studio cleaning my tools for the last time and fighting back tears.

So many dear places and moments have made up the last nine years. So much change has taken place in me that this place of change has grown to be a part of me. The person I was when we came here and the person I am as I leave are entirely different.

The state motto of North Carolina is "esse qualm videri" (or something like that) "to be rather than to appear." That is what has happened to me here. I have ceased appearing to be and have become. And while part of the becoming means moving forward, it is never easy to say good-bye.

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Jonathan said...

Hi, Rebekah, I have enjoyed reading over your blog. I hope that you will continue to post when you get to the UK. I am happy to see that the Lord is opening up some doors for you. I understand about "hope deferred." The Lord bless you on your trip!