Wednesday, April 2, 2008

righteous leaders

America, my home (because it will always be home no matter where I live), is preparing for a hugely important presidential election in November.

Today, the Irish Taoiseach (prime minister), Bertie Ahern, announced his resignation, effective May 6th. A few weeks ago Northern Ireland's First Minister, Ian Paisley, announced his resignation, also effective in May.

In January the Lord spoke to me in different ways several times about praying for righteous leaders. This was from one of our leaders at a Boiler Room meeting, "Obscure, praying people are key to seeing God's will be done in the nations." This was from a conversation with my sister about the crisis in Kenya, "Praying for righteous leaders in the developing world to affect change and sustainable peace/governments instead of war..." (I'm thinking about Zimbabwe right now.)

This is clearly a really important time to be praying, interceding on behalf of our countries and the world. We need to rise up and take our stand, calling for men and women of integrity to be put into key government positions. We need to use our authority as children of God and citizens of this world to call the Lords' elect into leadership of our nations.


Anonymous said...

this has been something I have been thinking too, and today even more so. I have been praying that truth would arise in Irish politics and this may be the first step.. God give us leaders full of integrity!

much love

Lauren & Mick said...

You're spot on Rebekah, I was praying so hard in the lead up to the Australian election - and it's something I can see God being so faithful in. We need to continue to pray for the leaders in the nations, especially for the one who hold a lot of sway in the world.
Love Lauren :D

Jonathan said...

That is a great post. I have been praying for this too. How wonderful it would be to have godly leaders in developing nations. It would really give them a chance to receive God's blessings. (I am thinking particularly of the African nations.)

In our nation, I have been praying for God to expose corruption and to remove those who will not honor Him. God seems to be answering these prayers.

Oh for godly leaders!