Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i had no idea i was so funny

So one of my fellow Transit-ers, Rosie, today posted a bunch of quotes from us all throughout the year on her blog. For some reason, unknown to me, I feature rather prominently. Thanks Rosie, for some great memories from the year!
PS, don't forget Eddie: "Leave the Tranny alone, he knows what he's doing!" "You must have tea and cake with the Vicar or you die!" "I don't want a cup of coffee from you, you're covered in bees!" "In the words of Albert Schweizer, 'I fancy you!'"


Lauren & Mick Newman said...

Rebekah you're hilarious!!!

Rosie said...

I love it! But there are too many Eddie quotes! I'd be writing all day. Eddie is THE Trannie.