Tuesday, July 29, 2008

procrastination or laziness, i'm not sure which (or why I didn't miss having a TV on Transit)

I'm house sitting this week for the family I used to nanny for. They are in Italy. I'm writing in the kitchen where the freezer is melting loads and loads of ice into water onto the floor and my purse is strewn out on the counter and the leftovers from the closet I organized yesterday are in piles covering the table. Don't worry, I'm letting the freezer melt on purpose because it was turning into one giant block of ice. And I got all the food out and into the fridge. And there are towels on the floor.

I'm here for a total of 10 days and I came with great intentions of getting all this stuff done. Books read. Thoughts journaled. Emails answered. Checkbook balanced. Instead I've watched hours and hours of Grey's Anatomy. I have read a couple books but not the important ones, just the fun ones. Now, I don't think I'm being too hard on myself here. I said it was fine to take the weekend off and just relax and have fun. But now I need to get down to business. But breaking out of this has proved to be a fight that I'm loosing. Oh grapes!

But today will be different. I'm leaving soon to get my hair cut and run a few errands. This evening I'm going to a group interview at my favorite store and then dinner with my sisters. In between I'm planning to be efficient and industrious. Fingers crossed!

And don't worry, on that to-do list is posting about the last weeks of Transit and will include pictures.

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