Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm currently listening to my first iTunes Genius playlist... love it!!! I'm a pretty big fan of random playlists in general and now I don't have to do the work of making it myself! Brilliant!

So, I've just gotten home after being in England for a week and Ireland for a week. The new iTunes isn't the only thing that changed while I was gone. Charlotte has majorly cooled down. Hurricane Ike hit leaving no gas in his wake. My car decided to be broken. I have a new job starting the first week of October. My sister set a date for her wedding.

Highlights from the trip:
1) time spent with old friends in Guildford, Southampton, and London
2) spending a day in the National Gallery with Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Cezanne, Monet, and Van Gogh... (I never knew that Van Gogh wanted to be a priest/missionary but was rejected by the church. Or that he taught himself to paint.)
3) meeting lots of new friends in Belfast and Dublin.
4) acquiring a new CD "Sea Sew" by Lisa Hannigan.
5) buying a pashmina in China Town in London.
6) actually really liking one of the five movies I watched on the way home. (Not four as previously stated on facebook.)

When I got home it was to discover that my car (which had already had a flat tire while I was gone) had a dead battery. So I had to charge it back up with my sister Emily's car. (Yes, that's right, did it all by myself.) But it's dead again today so I'm stuck at home and can't go get a new tire or run a couple errands for the new family I'm going to be working for. (I think I've already posted about cars and how they always need more work on them than you expect. Of course buying a new tire and battery couldn't have waited until I was working again!) Oh dear.

Anyway, I had a great time away and now get to start the exciting and tedious job of planning an international move to happen at an unspecific time to an unspecific place! Good fun!

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