Monday, October 27, 2008

that is so random

I was cleaning out my desk today and came across several random quotes I had written down over the last few weeks that had caught my attention for one reason or another and I thought I would share them, because I'm nice like that.

"Do you think it's weird that I'm sort of attracted to someone who, at some point in his life, has probably put on a magic show?" ~ What I Like About You

"Rob, feeling better, bought a bass guitar." ~ my journal

"Doesn't anyone appreciate the traditional captive/captor relationship anymore?"
~ Kim Possible Movie

"First of all that's the geeky computer guy. It's bad enough I have to go out with a loser who still lives with his mom, but you led me to believe it was the handsome, minimum wage, slacker."
~ Failure to Launch

"A blog moves the journal past the merely personal and inward pursuit and invites others into the journey, becoming a communal process. Theological reflection is necessarily a communal process, and so blogging can be a bridge between journaling and the process of reflective theology."
~ Patrick Comerford.

(Snuck a deep one on at the end!)

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Rosie said...

very sneaky of you!

I love these quotes. awww, Rob and bass guitar!