Saturday, November 1, 2008

a few things

I just have a few random things I want to say because this is the first time I've been online on my computer in at least 3 weeks and I've been storing up all this stuff. Its all very sporadic and out of order and the pictures are blurry. Please, bear with me!

So, my birthday is coming up, actually it's on Tuesday, and my favorite store, anthropologie, sent me a little gift. Isn't it cute? There's a little fabric envelope that says, "so" and then you open it and a little card is sticking out that says, "celebrate" and then you get 15% off an entire purchase for your birthday. Isn't that happy?
Next, I've decided to make a blanket from fabric remnants leftover from coats my grandma made us all when we were little. Here you can see one of my coats:
And here are all the patches after I cut them up:

And here they all are layed out all over my brother's bedroom floor. (Don't worry, he's away at college.) There won't be any white in between the squares and the back is going to be navy and black flannel, cause that's what I've got and I will not quilt it because it will be too stiff but I might sew some big black buttons on in random places to help hold the back and front together.

This is a picture of the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin that I took in September.

This is a picture I drew for Rosie back in Guildford in July. If flowers were clouds, then clouds would be ducks!

And you definitely know that the election needs to be over when I receive not one but two flyers urging me to protect my gun rights by voting for a particular party. I guess they don't realize that I'm one of those weird Americans who doesn't have an arsenal in the basement!


Rosie said...

well, then for MY sake, vote for gun rights, Rebekah!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can you not have an arsenal of weapons.

Rosie is way more American than you :P

(I was gonna be satirical but God convicted me so I opted to just be silly. Also I imagined you and Rosie pulling a face at me and that helped with the conviction :P)

Rebekah said...

yeah, we're a lot like the Holy Spirit in that way.

Rebekah said...

yeah, we're a lot like the Holy Spirit in that way.

Rebekah said...

yeah, we're a lot like the Holy Spirit in that way.