Saturday, November 8, 2008

a superficial post

My birthday presents:
I actually got this in a different color/print, but they don't have the one I got online. It's black with a brown, blue, and red florally/paiselyish print.

I am also going to get my hair cut, but haven't yet.


Guess who, could be you, you'll find out on chanel two. said...

1.I lOve Brueggemann... he's possibly my favorite Bible Scholar.
2.You might need to send me the Pride and Prejudice sound track.
3.Why did you get a tank top in November?

Rebekah said...

1. I'm looking forward to loving him.
2. It's the sheet music. I think you already have the soundtrack, you emailed it to me.
3. I wear camis all year round, over long sleeved shirts and/or under cardigans.

Anonymous said...

I have been weeding through all the music I have and trying to organize it and since I had downloaded the soundtrack from my friend it a weird way it was in a folder that got deleted...