Sunday, November 23, 2008

i am thankful for Jesus

because of his love for me. Because, no matter what, he never stops calling my name.

I am thankful for Jesus because he cares about the things that are important to me, no matter how silly they are, and he goes out of his way to show me that.

I am thankful for Jesus because he trusts me enough to share his heart and his vision with me.

I am thankful for Jesus because he always knows just the right thing to say and he says it at just the right time. He isn't afraid to correct me or confront me about the ugliness in my heart, but he always speaks to me with love because he is making me beautiful.

I am thankful for Jesus because he puts a smile on my face, he makes me laugh.

I am thankful for Jesus because he doesn't hide from me, he always tells the truth.

I am thankful for Jesus because he lets me love him.


Rosie said...

Yeah, i could have added more too, like Luke Danes and Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty and the Doctor(Doctor Who), but it got pathetic, like I said. I still have a crush on Clark, though. Good thing that show is no longer on tv, I'd be hopelessly addicted.

Now I should do a post inspired by your comment: Who is the best guy for Rory? Because seriously, where was the attraction in jESS!!!!!????? He was a bad boy in every sense of the word!

And don't even tell me that that IS the attraction.

Rebekah said...

Rosie, come on. Of course that is the attraction. Plus he reads... as much as Rory. Remember when he "borrows" one of her books so he can make notes in it for her. I LOVE that! And he was real with her, he didn't pretend to be what he wasn't. Dean was always just a bit too boy-next-door ish. Rory is so girl-next-door that she needs someone who tempers that. Jess fit the bill more than anyone else. Logan was never right for her.