Sunday, November 9, 2008

So, I don't know if anyone pays attention to what I'm reading or not. But I started a book called TrueFaced the other day and just decided I didn't want to read it. I've learned what it has to say already. So I returned it at the Christian bookstore I used to work at and got my first Rob Bell book. (You can see it to the right in my currently reading list.) I've never read Rob Bell, his books never grabbed me before. But this one did. I've been thinking a lot about exile recently and noticed that this book has some themes of exile in it.

In other news I'm going out tonight to hear one of my favorite bands. They are not my favorite band of all time, but they are my favorite band to hear live and some of their songs are my absolute favorites. I'm very happy!!! Oh, they are called Over the Rhine. Check them out, they're awesome!

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