Sunday, February 1, 2009

the 25 things of facebook

1. My obsession in making mixed tapes/CDs transferred itself into making playlists on iTunes... I have 171 playlists.

2. I dislike how self-focused I can be... For example I really like doing things like this and started to think of what I would write before I was ever tagged.

3. I made no New Year resolutions this year... I'm still working on last years: Pay Attention, made because of #2.

4. I could never tell you what my single favorite book, movie, song was. There will always be at least three answers.

5. I had a few traumatic experiences with stage make up as a child and to this day will not use an eye liner pencil.

6. God catches my attention using the numbers 11 and 44.

7. I have memorized 5 books of the Bible and there was a time when I could quote Hebrews and 1,2,3 Peter without making a single mistake.

8. I still love to memorize things and could rattle off about a dozen poems.

9. I used to do a paper route and would make the hours go by quicker by pretending I was delivering messages for the Jewish Underground during WWII.

10. My favorite game to play with my sisters and brother when we were little was loosly based on the Boxcar Children and a movie called On Our Own.

11. I was an extremely imaginative child... something I haven't quite grown out of.

12. For example, I love story in any form I encounter it and I tend to become quite entwined in what I'm reading or seeing. Once as a child I was so caught up in a book I was reading I just caught myself before asking for prayer for the main character. I still have to remind myself that "it's just a movie."

13. I probably know more children's songs than anyone I (or you) know. And have taken great delight in singing them incessantly to annoy my friends.

14. I'm a bit of a pack rat but clutter REALLY bothers me, so all my stuff is neatly organized.

15. I didn't discover how much I love travelling until I was 23.

16. I am absolutely hopeless at video games. I babysit for three boys who love to play Mario Kart on their Wii. They always make me be on a seperate team so I won't bring down their score.

17. I frequently crave dill pickles.

18. I could probably quote the entirety of You've Got Mail.

19. I've come to realized that a lot of my fashion choices are inspired by movies that I like.

20. I am on a continual hunt to find the perfect facial cleanser and moisterizer, I've tried dozens to no avail.

21. I secretly take great delight in shocking people with the fact that I've never seen Star Wars or James Bond or Indiana Jones. And that I can't swim.

22. For my 7th birthday we went to the circus and I formed a little crush on the lion tamer.

23. I imagine that when I retire I will have a little house in the mountains and spend my days wandering the hills, gardening, painting, throwing pots, and reading. And maybe writing poetry.

24. I secretly wish that I had curly hair.

25. I don't really like diamonds, or roses.

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