Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my new byline is "no capes!"

The girls I used to nanny have dubbed me Edna Mode of the Incredibles. They have recently become obsessed with the movie and have assigned each family member a character. I have told them that from now on when I'm putting my foot down I'm just going to say, "No capes!" and they'll know that I mean business. What's even funnier than this to me is that they've decided that "Miss Rebekah, whoever you marry is going to be that ice guy" Frozone for those of you who haven't seen the movie. I was dying laughing!

This is the best part of the wikipedia article on Edna:

"In the special features section of the special edition DVD of the Incredibles, Edna is 'interviewed' about her work in the film. When asked whether working with superheroes was difficult, she replies, 'Superheroes are easy, darling. Mediocrity is much more difficult to work with—and it is in such great supply.'"

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rosie said...

hahaha! Thsi is all hilarious! especially about Frozone! :)