Thursday, May 6, 2010


April was a huge month for our family! It was bookended by new beginnings. First, on April 3rd, my sister Emily married the love-of-her-life, Calvin. It was a beautiful spring day full of joy.
And love.
And dancing.
Then on April 26th, three days before his due-date, William Reid Strite entered the world.
He is beautiful and wonderful and sleepy.
I love him.
Other than that I've been working like crazy. Slowly getting a bit of a tan from all the playing-outside I get to do as part of my "job." I've been knitting and throwing like crazy too. Pictures to come in a separate post. And I've been greatly enjoying the Euro prayer initiative, pictures on a related project I've been working on to come as well.

May is going to be another big month with bookend trips out of state. The first pretty close to home to see Lacy graduate from college in Tennessee and the second to celebrate my Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary and visit friends in the mid-west.

(Still waiting to hear about college and thus have made no further plans for the fall.)

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rosie said...

these are gorgeous pics of everyone!~ Emily looks so beautiful! And Will is the cutest ever!!