Monday, May 12, 2008

some very good advice

A couple years ago I spent several months listening to a teaching called "Living Your Destiny" by Graham Cooke on repeat. Really life changing stuff, let me tell you.
One thing he suggested was to write out prophetic words you have received in bullet form so it is easy to access them and to recognize themes that the Lord is speaking over you. This past weekend the stress of not knowing what my next step is caught up with me. I found it very helpful to read over the things the Lord has said about me. It was like giving my spirit a long, cool, refreshing drink of water.
Something that was especially relevant to the place I'm at was this one:
"You are standing in front of a big door with a doorknob too big for you to turn, but you try anyway. As you reach up, the door swings open on its own and you walk right through."
We recently had some visitors from the States by way of Tunisia who had a young son. We were talking about the sun going down and his dad asked him, "What's going to happen in the morning Riley?" And Riley said, "The sun will come up." "What does it mean when the sun comes up?" "That God is faithful."
Even though one of the main reasons the stress had caught up with me is physical weariness from the sun waking me up between 4:30 and 5:00am the last three weeks it is good to remember what that sunrise really means.


Jonathan said...

Good thoughts. I like the idea about the prophecies. I like going back and reading them and seeing just how accurate they were. God help you as you are moving forward!

Phil Evans said...

Do you stil have those cd's? Wouldn't mind a cheeky borrow...

Rebekah said...

don't have the CD's but you can be especially cheeky if you have a memory stick and get it off my computer next time you're here! : )

Anonymous said...

this is nice. i do something similar. every day and night i right 5 reasons to be thankful, specially when i am going trhough rough times. then i read them and realize i am full of blessings.
i see you like to read... try
"not even a hint" and "i kissed dating goodbye," both written by josh harris. you´ll like them