Wednesday, June 25, 2008

crying out

Today is Compassion International's day of prayer and fasting for the global food crisis. This is a prayer I wrote in November as a part of TearFund's week of prayer for poverty. It is written from the perspective of those whose needs are most desperate.

"Father, you promised to take care of your people. You promised that if we make you our dwelling that no harm would come near us, that disasters couldn't touch us. So spread your wings over your people. Wrap your arms around us and hold us close. Don't be far away when we need you, come close, be near to us now. Can't you hear the voices of your people as we cry out for you? We are desperate, hurting, hungry, calling & crying out for you.

Be here now! Be here now! Be here now!

Our children are dying because they have no food or water while the rest of the world wastes the resources we need so desperately. Come close, be bread for the hungry and water for the thirsty. Come close, be medicine for the sick and justice for the oppressed. Come close, make things right.Come close! Bring your kingdom into our world. Set things right. Be the sun on our faces. Be the rain on our fields. Be the food in our stomachs. Be the water on our parched throats. Wipe our tears away and be the smiles on our lips.

Come near, hear our cries, deliver us!"

PS, this is also my 100th post.

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