Sunday, August 17, 2008

i have my baby back

Before I left to do Transit, I gave my car to my sister. This was a good thing. She has lent it back to me while I'm at home. (Mostly because she doesn't want all of the little money she makes going to gas and car maintenance. I hope, otherwise you should've kept it.) Anyway, I'm so happy to have her/him back! I've never been able to decide if the car is a girl or a boy. Any thoughts? If I could decide then I could give it a name. (No offense to Lacy who named it Betsy. I just don't think he/she is a Betsy. But you can call her that if you want to.)

Here is a picture of me getting into her/him the day before I left last September:
This is the second car I've owned. My first car was given to me by my youth pastor and his wife when I graduated from highschool, they're pretty awesome and not just because of that. So this is the first car I bought on my own and I worked hard to pay it off and took really good care of it, never missed an oil change or tire rotation or scheduled maintnenance. It deserves a really good name. I've always wanted to name it but the gender issue has stopped me. So I'm open to suggestions for either what gender you think it is or good names. : )

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Rosie said...

Well, it's black, so I want to say it's male, but I am thinking female for some reason. Although I do agree that it doesn't look like a Betsy. hmmmm.....I will just have to come over and take it for a spin. Then I'll decide.