Saturday, January 10, 2009

As a nanny/babysitter I have some pretty funny conversations. Here's one from Tuesday night between me and Sydney who is five years old.

Syd: Do you have super powers?
Me: Yes I do.
Syd: You do? Show me! Fly!
Me: I can't, I have to protect my secret identity... I guess I could tell you one. I have super cleaning powers.
Syd: You do?
Me: Yes. Can't you tell, I cleaned your room today.
Syd: Wow!
Me: And tomorrow I'm going to clean your bathroom.
Syd: Can you please make sure to do the toilet?
Me: I'm not doing that kind of cleaning. I have super organizing cleaning powers.
Syd: Oh. Well the top drawer needs extra help.
Me: Yes it does, don't worry I've got it.


Lauren & Mick Newman said...

I love reading your conversations with kids! I reckon you have the best lines!!!

Jonathan said...

Hey. Wondering if you got to catch any of the One Thing conference in December. It was pretty awesome. If you didn't they still have the sessions available at the IHOP website.

Rebekah said...

: )

No, I didn't. Thanks, for the tip.