Sunday, January 18, 2009

winter... finally

So we've finally gotten some winter weather down here in the south. We had a day this week when the high was around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it's 40 but feels like 34, and we might even get some snow tomorrow or Tuesday, although it won't stick because we are, after all, in the south.

In other news I spent a good part of the day yesterday painting the youth room in my church's new venue, think I'll be back again tomorrow.

I've also been spending some time in the pottery studio, which I'm excited about. I'm thinking of having a pottery sale to help raise money for moving to Ireland, maybe in May, if I can get enough pieces together.

This is something strange (and gross) I've been expelling copious amounts of mucus. This is strange because I've not been sick. I have no sinus pain or pressure, I'm just really snotty... ew!
That's all.
Oh, LOST is back on Wednesday, YEAH!


rosie said...

Gross! (for the mucus), and SO TOTALLY RAD! (for LOST!) Yay!!!

Lauren & Mick Newman said...

we are due for a 91 degrees Fahrenheit (33 celcius) today & had a couple of days around 100 fahrenheit (38 celcius) last week... absolutley no snow here in Canberra.
Love the Newmans

fatman_bob said...

Bah - you Newmans and your paltry 38 degrees! It's 37 degrees today and I'm cold!

OK that's all true except for the cold bit.