Wednesday, September 29, 2010

too funny!

"I know that Chinese restaurateurs like to adapt their cuisine to local tastes and ingredients, but occasionally I get the feeling that something far more disturbing is going on."

"A tough looking young man has stepped out in front of us, brandishing a huge lump of cannabis on the palm of his hand. 'Hash? You like? Speak English? American?' Or perhaps he's selling henna. Or Oxo. 'Ta faitios orm nach geaitheann muid tobac,' says Conor. 'Ta se go dona don tslainte,' adds Tommy. The man narrows his eyes, then disappears back into the shadows. 'Whenever things get heavy, we just speak Irish,' says Conor. 'Confuses the f*** out of them,' explains Tommy."

from The Road to McCarthy by Pete McCarthy... Bill Bryson has met his match!

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