Saturday, October 30, 2010

baking day

So I decided to do some baking today. I made some bran muffins that usually have dates in them. I omitted the dates and added raisins, grated carrots, and apple chunks. Very healthy, and yummy! I also made some pumpkin pancakes and added grated apple to them. I was just planning to have them as a quick and easy breakfast for the week. But after a couple hours of baking and cleaning I had no desire to make dinner. Also, I have a cold that doesn't really want to go away and I was beginning to feel rather rubbishy. So I had pancakes for dinner and they were delicious!
I could tell I wasn't feeling well as I made quite a mess.
We need a bigger mixing bowl, I had to use the stock pot!
The gloop that became the muffins.
Mixing up some pancakes!
Pancakes ready to go! (And my happy butter dish.)
There they are getting all scrumptious in the oven.

Also, sorry the pictures aren't great. The lighting in the kitchen is rubbish and I took them with my computer which made it difficult to get the right angle.

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rosie said...

I love these pics of you baking! I feel like I am right there in the kitchen! :)