Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i have the smell of his feet in my hair

I've had that lyric in my head for days, it's my favorite part of the song. (see previous post) The thing about it is, there's a lot in the song and in the story that I don't relate too, that it's hard to identify with. But the one thing I can identify with quite easily is her desperation for Jesus. I can definitely relate to being in a place of absolute and total need and Jesus being the only one who can make me whole.

A lot of my prayers sound like this song by one of my favorite artists, Rosie Thomas. "Tie me ever tightly to your side so I can go with you wherever you reside." I always pray like that. Keep calling my name, don't ever stop. Give me the strength to hold on to you, don't let go! Come close, be near. I sound so needy most of the time. But with Jesus I think that's the best place to be. Honest, simple, desperate.

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