Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's funny

All my life my dad has listened to country music. Not country as in Garth Brookes and Dolly Parton, country as in Americana, Folk, Bluegrass. And I hated it. Rolled my eyes at it. Cringed everytime I got in his truck. Then came "O Brother Where Art Thou" and everything changed. Now I probably have more folk music than any other genre. And I have more fun singing along with bluegrass than just about anything else. This is one of my favorites:


Bound4Glory said...

Just happened to come across your blog while searching randomly, waiting for inspiration to strike me regarding a testimony I'm giving this weekend on how my life has changed because Jesus rose from the dead...

I enjoyed it, and felt a touch of kinship with you. I live in America, but am of almost entirely Irish heritage (not that you can tell from my last name, Monett--but my maiden name is Burke..).
I love C.S. Lewis, and JRR Tolkien, and mostly I love Jesus, and how He speaks to me here in America and to you there in Ireland and one day we'll ALL be one big family in heaven!

Lac said...

Flys in the buttermilk I can't stand 'um
Flys in the buttermilk make my stomach turn
In the buttermilk I can't stand 'um
Make them go away!

Jonathan said...

Love bluegrass. Just discovered a new band tonight that will be playing in Greensboro soon. Pretty old school sound. They remind me of someone, but I can't quite place them. You can
check them out.
The band is called Lo Fi Breakdown.

Rebekah said...

Isn't great how Jesus and music bring us together!

Lacy - you hit the nail on the head with that one... be sure to mention it to Laura and Emily for the book.

I think my dad would definitely like Lo Fi Breakdown, the sound brings back my childhood!