Monday, March 24, 2008

sister's visits and a snowy easter

So, I've been quite busy the last few weeks. It's been a happy sort of busy. My sister Laura came to visit for a week. Part of the time she spent here with me and part of the time in London with Emily. I spent her last day (Wednesday) in London with them. We discovered the wonders of the restaraunt chain Giraffe and the glories of their Waffle Banana Split in Guildford and repeated the experience in London. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

Easter was fun, Emily came out for the weekend. No floral dress or white patent leather shoes this year. I did manage to wear a skirt, but only by wearing long underwear underneath cable knit tights. A thick wool sweater and bright green wellies completed the ensemble. We went to a sunrise service on the top of one of the numerous hills outside of town. Our feet were aching with the cold! Then we went over to the Nicholsons for breakfast and sat in the warm house watching it snow for the better part of an hour. It was great!
After my hour slot in the prayer room we went over to the Slinn's for a lovely lunch and lots of fun and movie watching. Good times were had by all!

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