Thursday, November 5, 2009

the end

I'm always so excited when I reach the end of one journal and get to start a new one. I started this one in October of 2008 so it's been just over a year. And now I get to use the beautiful one that Rosie made me for my birthday last year. Yeah!!!


rosie said...

YAY! I lvoe starting new ones too! I pray the pages of this new journal are filled with blessings, joy and many Words and lessons form God! :)

Lacy said...

did i tell you about finishing my last one? On Oct 25th I randomly had this sinking feeling that I just really needed to start a new journal. I had abou 20 pages left in mine but I just knew it was time to close an old chapter and begin a new one. On the front page of all my journals I put my name and phone number and the the start date followed by a dash, and when I finish it I put in the end date. Well I opened up my journal to add in the end date and it had been a year to the day of when I started it!