Wednesday, November 4, 2009

twenty seven

1650 - William III of Orange, king of England (1689-1702)

1879 - Will Rogers, Oologah Indian Territory (Okla), humorist

1916 - Walter Cronkite, St Joseph Mo, news anchor (CBS Evening News 1962-81)

1946 - Laura Bush, U.S. First Lady 2000-

1969 - Matthew McConaughey, actor (Contact, A Time to Kill)

1975 - Curtis Stone, Australian chef and television personality (Take Home Chef)

This is a list of famous people whose birthday is on November 4th. Coincidently that's my birthday too! And it's also my friend Kirstin, my friend John, my friend Emily, and my friend Noah's birthday. John is a year older than me, Emily a year younger. Kirstin's 25 and Noah is 3. Happy Birthday to you all!

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Rob said...

It's also my parents' wedding anniversary today. Seems to be a busy day all round :). And just think, tomorrow we can all enjoy torching Guy Fawkes again - it's such a lovely time of year!

Happy Birthday again