Sunday, May 10, 2009

i forgot what I was going to say

I know that I had some things I was going to blog about... can't really remember what they were so I guess you're going to get a completely random post of whatever pops into my head the next few minutes.

Some night this week I woke up in the middle of the night having dreamt that someone asked me for a "club-less sandwich" to which I replied, "Oh, you mean a BLT?" And I thought this was hilarious. Although clearly, if there really were such a thing as a club-less sandwich it would just be a turkey sandwich as I'm pretty sure it's adding the bacon that makes it a club, not the other way around. Never-the-less at some odd hour of the morning I found this highly amusing!

Something I found less amusing at 3:00 in the morning was waking up to my dog having a seizure and my mom freaking out. He had another one last night but I didn't hear the ruckus as my dad was home and we had taken him to the vet and knew how to deal with them. We think maybe some treats we've been giving him have caused it... if that's not the case and they continue we'll probably have to put him down as he is getting old anyway. This would be very extremely sad.

In happier news I got a very cute little sun dress at Target yesterday. I've been wanting one since last summer, but I got home too late last year and all the good ones had been sold. It's perfect, I can dress it up with shoes and jewelry for church (like I did today) or throw it over a swim suit and flip flops at the beach and in the winter I could even layer it over/under jeans/leggings/long-sleeved shirts/sweaters. The perfect versatile wardrobe piece!

I've just started reading "Go Green, Save Green" by Nancy Sleeth. I'm just one and half chapters in, but really enjoying it. Not a whole lot is immediately relevant to me as I have no house of my own at the moment. But here are a couple quotes from the first chapter that I really liked:

"In our three decades together, one of the things Matthew and I have learned is that our home is about a whole lot more than Matthew and me. It is about our children, our calling, the example we set, and the legacy we leave."

"One of the reasons Americans throw so much stuff away is that very few of us live in true community with our neighbors."

I'm still getting rid of stuff. I just found out that my church is participating in a big yard sale in a few weeks so I'm going to be done going through everything by then, sell what I can, and drop the rest off at Crisis Assistance Ministries. What a relief it will be to be done with it all and have only a handful of boxes ready and waiting to join me in Ireland.

I just finished completing my Gilmore Girls DVD collection thanks to eBay. I got the last three seasons I was missing for the same price that one would've cost me at Target. That makes me happy!

I guess that's all. I may or may not remember what I was actually going to say some other time.

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rosie said...

Well, this whole post makes ME happy! (and Gilmore Girls too! )