Friday, May 15, 2009

thinkin bout LOST

Just finished watching the season finale of LOST... (spoiler alert)

I just watch the episodes, I don't read articles or participate in chats or anything else related to Lost, except the show itself. However, I wanted to know what Richard said in answer to the question, "What lies in the shadow of the statue." So I clicked through the message boards on until I found the answer: "He who will protect us all." Then I read some Professor of Religion's blog about the episode. That triggered a few thoughts. They probably aren't that revolutionary, but I don't hear anyone else's theories about the show so they're new to me.

Jacob's adversary, the man in black who was looking for a loop hole in order to kill Jacob, (I did pick up that some people think he is the smoke monster) what if he has been manipulating everyone all along by appearing to them as the people who died on the Island (or whose dead bodies were taken to the Island; Locke and Christian Shepherd)?

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