Monday, May 25, 2009

these free and independent american states

On Wednesday afternoon I drove for 4 hours and 40 minutes up to Williamsburg, Virginia to meet Rosie who had driven down from Michigan with her parents for vacation. What a wonderful time we had! We toured Colonial Williamsburg. We had high tea in a cute little tea shop. We had leisurely walks and delicious dinners. And we had tons of time to talk and catch up and enjoy being together.

Highlights of the trip in no particular order:

1) Rosie's curry and cookies. She even sent cookies home with me!
2) The acting was phenomenal. Both at the play house and the big street production that takes up most of the afternoon.
3) The dresses and hats were beautiful. Wish we could've tried them on.
4) I got some horehound candy. Laura Ingalls Wilder always used to eat this. It isn't actually very wonderful, but I got to try it!
5) We had a delicious lunch at the Raleigh Tavern.
6) I purchased Recipes from the Raleigh Tavern Bakery "a collection of the most tasteful and approved recipes in Virginia cookery." It has the 18th century recipes and then on the opposite page the 21st century "translation."
7) On Thursday morning the first thing we did was see "Fops, Rogues, and Villains." Which was a hilarious introduction to character types from 18th Century Theater.
8) We got the chance to try out an 18th century dance. That was good fun!
9) The mock 18th century trial was hilarious! The judge didn't even seem to be acting, totally and completely believable!
10) Revolutionary City was fantastic! The whole town gathers together from 3 to 5 every afternoon and reenacts historical events that happened in Williamsburg. Again, the acting was great and it was fun to be an 18th century crowd calling huzzah! and here here! and seeing someone almost get tarred and feathered!
11) High tea for lunch on Friday was so fun! We had all these little sandwiches and cakes and a little cup of soup and we didn't expect it to fill us up, but we practically rolled out the door as we left!
12) On Thursday we had dinner at a little local place called Food for Thought which was so cute. It had all these literary quotes on the wall and cards with quotes and questions and things on the table and the food was great. If I lived there that would definitely be my favorite restaurant.

So I basically left wishing I could move up there and become an artisan or one of the re-in-actors. Some kind of grown up version of running away with the circus. What fun it would be! At least for a year or two. The problem is that even if they let me do pottery (being a woman) I would have to learn how to use a kick wheel and a non electric kiln. I could always learn a completely new craft, like spinning and weaving (which I've always wanted to) but that would take a while. Oh well! I guess I'll have to be content with visiting some other time.

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