Saturday, May 2, 2009

I wonder

When I lived in England I often felt like I was a bit too high maintenance in reference to hair/makeup/clothes/general girl things. In Charlotte I feel like I'm a bit too low maintenance about those kinds of things. Does that mean that there is an area of my life where I have actually achieved a good balance? Found a happy medium? Shocking!
PS, just to prove once and for all that I am a handbag girl and not a shoe girl; I own 15 pairs of shoes (which I feel is a healthy amount for a girl). On the other hand, I own 30 handbags. Or at least I did, until this morning when 20 of them went into my get-rid-of pile.... Which means I now own more shoes than handbags, which would make me a shoe girl, defeating the purpose of this post... oh dear!
PPS, (added several minutes later) I just thought of a solution to the shoes versus bag issue: If I count all the shopping bags I have. You know, the reusable, save the planet type bags to take to the grocery store or even the mall and save a plastic bag or two or 16 then I still have more bags than shoes. And I feel that this is a fair count because I love some of these bags just as much as I love my "real" handbags. So there!

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